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Capitol School of Austin helps children with speech, language, and learning differences find their voice.


Capitol School's mission is to provide an enriched learning environment where children with speech, language, and learning differences can reach their full potential and develop skills necessary to succeed in future educational settings.

Most of our students have a diagnosed language/learning difference, and up to 20% of our students are typically-developing children who benefit from our language-rich, small group setting while acting as peer models for language-impaired classmates. This inclusive model benefits both types of students tremendously as curriculum goals focus on language development, which is fundamental for early learning, and are tailored to each child’s individual needs. Take a look at our Success Stories to get to know a few of the many students who have blossomed at Capitol School or watch former pre-schoolers Kelsey and Connor share their experiences at Capitol School.

Preschool"Connor changed a great deal since he began attending Capitol School. As he has learned to talk, listen, and understand, the behaviors which so worried me have slowly begun to fade away. Language has been the tool which has finally enabled him to reach out to people in the world around him. I know he is not “cured” of the underlying cause of his communication disorder, but the communication barrier between us continues to dissolve a little more every day." - CSA Parent Michele M.

Young children with speech and language delays often struggle to be heard in traditional pre-school settings. For this reason, we offer low-ratio, speech therapist led classes for young children ages 2.5 to 5 years old with speech-language differences and their typically-developing peers.

Our pre-school program focuses on oral language, where our speech therapists provide intensive language therapy targeting the unique needs of each child while working within a traditional pre-school curriculum. The small group setting of up to 10-12 children and two adults allows children to use recently acquired language skills in authentic social settings with same-aged peers, increasing the likelihood that new skills will continue in other settings. The traditional curriculum also supports development in pre-academics, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and self-help skills. Read more...

We offer open enrollment throughout the school year and we have spaces available. Please visit our Admissions page to request an application packet.

"This is Ruth's eighth year at Capitol. I cannot imagine that any other school could have successfully served her unusual set of challenges. She simply would not have made the same progress anywhere else and would likely have been lost in the shuffle. That's one of the things I love about CSA - they don't employ the one size fits all approach but are instead able to cater to the specific needs of each child. I feel confident that CSA has given her the essential foundation for future success." - CSA Parent Jennifer B.

Capitol School offers individualized, low-ratio Kindergarten - 4th grade classes for School Agechildren with developmental learning differences who have average to above average learning potential, and their typically-developing peers.

The small group setting and the low student/teacher ratio of up to 12-14 children and two adults make it possible to provide individualized instruction whenever necessary to identify, teach, remediate, and maintain important skills on a student-by-student basis. This is the key to our program’s success. Given the learning difficulties experienced by students with language-based learning disorders, personal attention and tailored instruction are essential.

Capitol School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and our academic curriculum follows the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills. Read more...

We offer open enrollment throughout the school year and we have spaces available. Please visit our Admissions page to request an application packet.

Capitol School's on-site clinic offers individual evaluations, speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, and reading therapy (ALT).

Please contact our office at 512-467-7006 to discuss therapy or to schedule an evaluation.

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