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"We are so grateful we found CSA many years ago. We really can truthfully say we don't know what we would have done without it. It is a blessing to our family."

Bob & Lauri
Capitol School Success Stories



When Emily was born, she was child number four and a delightful addition to our family. As we tell many (at least those who are interested) she was our easiest infant (we were so glad). She was content to be around people, she rarely cried and slept very well. She was also a very healthy baby. We don't remember a time before she was a year old that we were at the doctor because of an illness. She had one ear infection at some point in her first two to three years. She entered the world loved by two big brothers and a big sister.

Her two brothers have had struggles with varying degrees of expressive language disorders and some learning differences, such as dyslexia and written expression. Her sister never showed any signs of a learning difference and, in fact, was speaking in complete sentences at 15 months of age. She never struggled in school and graduated in the top 25% of her class. Both of our sons have had years of speech therapy and by the time Andrew, our youngest son, was four years old, he had been in speech therapy for two and a half years.

This was also about the time we discovered Capitol School of Austin. We were relieved to know there was a place where our boys could attend school and have teachers who understood their differences. This is when we first met Ms. Ellen, Ms. Amy and Ms. Sharon. They were all wonderful with our children and very encouraging. They gave us hope that our sons could make it in school in spite of their differences.

Andrew attended CSA for 5 years. During his years at Capitol School, Andrew gained confidence as a person and his life was impacted by many of the teachers there. In fact he still stops in to say hi to Ms. Ellen when he has a chance. We were so pleased to have been a part of the school during those years.

In the meantime, Emily was getting older. By the time she was 15 months of age we had had her speech evaluated and realized that her expressive language skills were lagging. We wanted to prevent any more delay, so we immediately began the many years of speech therapy for her. When she turned four, we enrolled her in CSA in the preschool program. She was there ½ day for a year. She loved it and so our third child got to experience the uniqueness and expertise of the staff of CSA. After Emily's year at CSA she attended two other schools. By the time second grade rolled around we realized Emily's needs as a student were not going to be met in any other setting except CSA. In the middle of second grade, we re-enrolled Emily at Capitol School. She immediately fell in love with Ms. Judy and began to regain her confidence. She had become fearful to try new things and seemed to be easily frustrated with new material. She wasn't reading at grade level and was still struggling with her speech and language skills. By the end of second grade, we knew Emily needed to be at CSA as long as possible.

In third grade she began to blossom as an enthusiastic learner. She loved Ms. Amanda. She worked hard and was always eager to go to school each morning. During her year as a 4 th grader, Emily is as enthusiastic as I have ever seen her in school. Ms. Laura has the ability to motivate her to do more and more. She is actually finishing novels and doing extra math and writing stories at home on her own. She still struggles somewhat with written expression and expressive language, but continues to progress. Her confidence as a young lady is growing. She is also becoming bolder in her attempts at role play and drama. She is an inquisitive girl and we are so glad she is at a school where her abilities and strengths are able to grow.

We have confidence that in the future Emily will do well in a larger school. Capitol School has been an answer to many prayers, not just for our daughter Emily, but for our sons as well. We are so grateful we found CSA many years ago. We really can truthfully say we don't know what we would have done without it. It is a blessing to our family.

Bob & Lauri