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“Thanks to the hard work from his teachers at CSA, my child has been able to make the transition into public school without difficulty.”





25 Years Pre-School Programs
The following are personal stories parents have written about their child's experience at Capitol School.  


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Capitol School Students - Then and Now  
We asked parents of previous students to share how their children are doing after their Capitol School experience. Click the photos to read their stories (PDF).  
Making a Difference Since 1990  

The following are excerpts from personal stories parents have written over the years:


1992 - Connor changed a great deal since he began attending Capitol School. As he has learned to talk, listen, and understand, the behaviors which so worried me have slowly begun to fade away. Language has been the tool which has finally enabled him to reach out to people in the world around him. I know he is not “cured” of the underlying cause of his communication disorder, but the communication barrier between us continues to dissolve a little more every day.

1995 - Alice Vigil told me about Amy Cunningham and the program at Capitol School. I gave Amy a call and we went – unsure of what to expect. What I found was a classroom unlike any we’d tried, a teacher unlike any we’d met, an approach unlike any we’d seen. Here was a group of children with various speech, language, and learning differences, and each one treated as a capable learner with specific individual needs. Here was a teacher who was a Master’s level Speech Pathologist with ten years experience and an aide with a BA in Special Education. Here was a program developed for children like Rusty, children who require the classroom structure and modeling of language that only trained Speech Pathologists can provide. As the saying goes, the rest is history.  

1998 - When I walked into Capitol School to observe, I knew right away that it was the right place for the twins. I saw other kids with similar challenges and needs. “Right after Reid and Ryan attended summer camp at Capitol School, they could say a few more words. And I wondered, what are those teachers doing for the boys that I’m not doing,” Mom recalls with a laugh, “I enrolled them for the fall program immediately!” They have come an enormous way, from barely being able to speak at all and having poor self-help skills to now being able to work on age-appropriate lessons. Amy is a remarkable educator and a deeply concerned speech pathologist, and this school is a wonderful place. The kind of early intervention that Capitol School provides: I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

2000 - In his first week of summer camp at Capitol School, Chris produced more artwork than he had in two years of preschool. He was starting to participate in class! We were thrilled, and we signed him up for the school year with much relief. Chris made great strides in his social skills. After a rocky start, he also discovered that he loves to read. His four years at Capitol School have not always been smooth sailing, but we know he’s always been headed in the right direction. Capitol School’s teachers appreciate our son for who he is, and we appreciate them. Their experience, insight, and willingness to persevere through the difficult times has made all the difference.  
2003 - We sometimes look back on these past few years and wonder where we would be today if not for Capitol School, but frankly can’t imagine it. Thanks to the school and its incredibly dedicated and caring staff, not only was our son saved but many other children who have nowhere else to turn will be as well. Thank you Capitol School of Austin!  
2005 - In such a small setting, Cameron is well known and transitions are easy for him. He feels great about himself, which is always a concern for parents of a child with special needs. These incredible teachers allow the children to be who they are and, in fact, celebrate it. Limitations are sometimes placed upon these children not only by doctors, but also by parents and educators as well. Capitol School is an exception. The children at Capitol School succeed and the teachers are one of the main reasons why.
2006 - With the loving guidance of her teachers, Maddie went from speaking gibberish to a little girl who could socially communicate. Finally, after all the tears and uncertainty on my part, my beautiful daughter could tell me where it hurt and I could finally help her. Maddie’s pretend play blossomed and she developed several close friendships with peers that still exist today. It’s almost hard to describe the growth Maddie experienced in those months. Basically, Capitol School introduced us to our child. We found out who she was because she could finally tell us her wants and fears, and we reveled in her growth and happiness.  
2009 - Capitol School of Austin has been a blessing, a haven, and a remarkable community for Cade—as well as our whole family— for almost 6 years. We always knew that Cade had his own special talents and gifts, but now it’s easier for the world at large to appreciate them. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have supported Cade and our family. We’ll never forget you.  
2010 - CSA, and in particular, his teachers, have been nothing short of amazing. They have compassion, patience, understanding, determination, and incredible teaching abilities - all of which we see coming through in Charlie. We can't say thank you enough to this amazingly kind group of
people - not just for teaching Charlie, but for not changing him... for embracing him in every bit of perfect that he is.
2011 - This is the best way to describe Sam's past 2.5 years at Capitol School: a steady focus on goals and progress; taking one day at a time. Sam is now full of sentences and words and, more importantly, smiles and laughs. He is a confident kid who loves show and tell and enjoys standing up in front of the room to review the weather and day of the week. He is focused on academics and pre-reading and amazes me every day with his love for learning. We are certain that we would not be where we are as a family without Capitol School and words cannot describe how thankful we are.  
2012 - Capitol School is an amazing, accepting environment for my child to be in. I feel like Zoe is safe there, getting everything she needs, and perhaps most importantly - I feel that she is genuinely loved - for the bright, energetic, joyful and unique little girl that she is.  
2013 - The other day I asked my son Kirk to share his favorite memory of Capitol School. Without hesitation, he smiled, "lying in the bean bag chairs in the library while Ms. Ellen read to us." Little wonder. It goes without saying that the combination of very small classes, highly skilled teachers and proven language therapies make Capitol school a success. But there is an "x" factor to Capitol School that I felt at the time, but am only now able to articulate. Much like the "soft" neurological signs, there were seemingly insignificant acts of kindness that, by themselves, would not appear extraordinary for a school. But they were. It was the comfortable way the office manager spoke to me each time I entered her office. It was the enthusiasm in Miss Ellen's squeal when she told me about Kirk's first attempt at humor in the play. It was the forbearance and calm of his teacher when I confessed - again - we were unable to complete the nightly reading assignment. Now I know what that glue was. It was love.  
2014 - This is Ruth's eighth year at Capitol. I cannot imagine that any other school could have successfully served her unusual set of challenges. She simply would not have made the same progress anywhere else and would likely have been lost in the shuffle. That's one of the things I love about CSA - they don't employ the one size fits all approach but are instead able to cater to the specific needs of each child. Ruth is truly a miracle baby, surpassing every single one of the doctors' grim predictions. I feel confident that CSA has given her the essential foundation for future success.