Capitol School of Austin

Important news regarding Covid-19:

Capitol School is closely monitoring the situation and will be updating procedures here soon.

Admissions Process

  Schedule a Visit

Thank you for your interest in Capitol School of Austin’s programs. Prior to submitting your application, CSA recommends that parents attend a Visitors' Day to tour the school to better understand our unique therapy approach and how it may benefit your child. On Visitors' Day, parents will tour the school and observe two age-appropriate classes. Following the observations, parents meet with the school director for additional information about the program and an informal Q&A.

  Submit an application including the appropriate teacher observation form:

Download and complete the application and teacher observation form (see link below).  Applications and teacher observation forms (direcly from teacher) can be hand-delivered, mailed, emailed or faxed to:

Capitol School of Austin, 2011 W. Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78756
F: 512-467-7025 |

Preschool Teacher

Observation Form

School Age Teacher

Observation Form


Be sure to submit all requested information, including current speech and language reports, educational testing (FIE), neurological reports, or behavioral evaluations along with the $150 application fee and the release of information with the application. Please take note that the application is not reviewed until all reports and fees are submitted.

  Review of Application

Once the application with all supporting reports and fees is received, the file will be reviewed. Recommendations will be made to schedule a classroom visit or to discuss other program options at this time.

 Classroom Visit

CSA has an Admissions, Dismissal, and Review Committee (ADRC) that makes all admissions decisions. If recommended, a 1-3 day classroom visit will be scheduled. During the visit, the members of the ADRC will observe your child in the small group setting. Committee members will observe the language, social and academic needs of your child.  In addition, they will be looking at your child’s ability to follow routines, transition between activities, level of participation within the group, and ability to work/play independently.

 Admission Decision

Following the visit, the ADRC will meet internally to determine whether or not your child would benefit from the CSA program and which group placement is recommended. The director will contact the family to let them know the committee’s decision. If accepted, registration forms will be issued depending on group availability. If placement is denied, further recommendations will be discussed.