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Ben: 2013

Ben has thrived at The Pilot School, but his time there comes to an end at the end of this academic year as the school only goes through eighth grade. We’ve spent a lot of this past fall trying to figure out what high school will serve him as well as Pilot has for the last four years (and Capitol School for the three before that). Ben is all about sports: playing, watching and discussing—especially baseball. He’s up on all the trades and rumors of trades. He plays soccer and basketball for his school, and LL baseball. Yesterday, was the first school basketball game of the season; he’s the team’s center this year. He’s not the best shooter on the team, but his wingspan allows him to get the ball and feed it to his buddies. Our school search has taken us far afield to find a school that will offer him what he needs academically and therapeutically—speech and OT (that fine motor stuff still gives him fits)—and that is also large enough to offer school sports and a full social life.

Ben is a happy, social, and confident kid (with a good bit of 15 year old boy goofiness thrown in, of course), and we owe that to the individualized learning environments that he has been fortunate to have in grades, 1st-8th.