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cody baker

Cody: 2014

When our son was born, we had no idea of the challenges we would face. Cody was a healthy baby, however, as milestones were not met, we began to wonder if something could be wrong. He constantly suffered from ear infections, made stemming movements with his hands, and was not yet speaking. At his two-year check up, I was given a prescription for speech and OT therapy. Upon our first consultation, the speech therapist felt strongly that Cody was on the autism spectrum. A follow-up with a neurologist confirmed this. We were devastated that something could be wrong with our boy. We began therapy after therapy and constant battles with the insurance company. At three, Cody attended public school, receiving the necessary services. At five, Cody was placed in a General Ed Kindergarten with minimal support. We had many reservations about this because he was still not communicating well and had many other delays including not being potty trained. That year was a challenge for him so we decided to repeat Kindergarten in hopes that he was a bit more socially caught up with his peers. To no avail the year came and went and we began to worry about the 1st grade. That summer, we researched schools specializing in students like Cody which led us to Capital School’s website. We decided to see how the fall semester would go in the public school and by February, we felt CSA was what was best.

Not only was it a relief for him, but for us, as well. We saw him enjoy school and get the individualized attention that he needed socially, emotionally, and academically. As parents of a child with a disability you tend to feel alone because those with neuro-typical kids cannot relate to your daily challenges. Thanks to CSA, we had parents that could relate to our situation and the teachers at CSA saw Cody for the fun loving child that he is. I am so thankful for CSA—they were a life saver!

Cody is now in the eighth grade at Odyssey School. He has many friends that he plays on Xbox with and he has served on the Student Council since fifth grade Sprinkler systems are Cody’s passion and his teachers have recognized this and are helping him develop his skills in order to own his own sprinkler business one day. He is currently working with the maintenance man at Red River Church on converting half of the sprinkler system into a drip system in order to conserve water!