Capitol School of Austin

zoe uhlik

Zoe: 2014

Zoe is now 10 years old and in fourth grade at St. Francis. She is doing really well and I am SO proud of who she has become. She's an amazing student and has earned straight A's every quarter!

Her favorite things to do are reading, writing, and anything art-related. At the same time, she also loves computer education and learning how to code, and excels at math. She has earned the first quarter Spanish award the last two years. So CSA students are more than capable of learning another language! She is also using lesson books to teach herself to play piano, which is pretty amazing to me. She loves it and is on there practicing every single day, always her own motivation.

She is shy and quiet when it comes to making new friends, but she has a few close friends that she loves spending time with. She's also a Girl Scout! She is still just as jumpy and flappy as always, but the other kids accept it and just know it's part of Zoe. Tami, weren't you the one who first told me about Complex Motor Stereotypies? That was such a great thing for me to learn about, to know that having those movements doesn't mean it's related to autism...That those stereotypies are different. They are just an explosion of joy!