Capitol School of Austin

special areas

occupational therapy
Group motor time is offered twice a week to the preschool program. Each week, our Occupational Therapist plans gross/fine motor activities that relate to preschool classroom themes. Therapy is conducted in our on-site motor room.

For school-age students, an Occupational Therapist offers weekly observation and consultation in the classrooms to address student-specific fine motor and gross motor needs.

Private, individual Occupational Therapy is also available through The Children’s Clinic at Capitol School of Austin. Private OT sessions may be scheduled before or after school or even during the school day.

School-age students receive weekly Sportball classes designed to facilitate gross motor skills including balance, stamina, strength, timing and coordination. Sportball’s multi-sport group program operates on the belief that kids learn best when they’re having fun in a supportive, non-competitive setting that encourages teamwork.

music therapy
A certified Music Therapist designs and leads weekly group music therapy sessions for all preschool and school-age students. The music program incorporates musical instruments, singing, improvisation, pictures, puppets, hands-on experiences and dances in order to improve kids' communication, socialization, academic and musical skills. Private music therapy sessions are also available through The Children’s Clinic at Capitol School of Austin.

Art teachers are brought in each semester for special projects, which frequently highlight a specific artist’s work. Art is offered in the preschool classrooms as part of their weekly class schedule. Art activities are designed to expand language, as well as allow creativity to flow. An art show during CSA’s annual Talent Day, showcases students’ work.

Students have the weekly opportunity to visit the CSA library to check out books and to listen to stories related to their classroom themes, read by CSA's librarian.

Dance is offered to preschool classes as part of their weekly class schedule. Teachers from Dance Discovery teach students to explore creative movement skills along with stretching exercises and gross motor movement. Students explore rhythm through marching, galloping, and leaping. Storytelling is also used to keep the students actively engaged in the movement process. 

Levels 3-7 (K-4th) participate weekly in creative dramatics. These classes culminate in an annual spring play, also part of CSA’s Talent Day, presented to parents, grandparents, and fellow students.